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08 December 2005 @ 08:58 am

So apparently we have to go to school next week to grab our school certificates as well as the formal photo cd's (if you paid ofcourse).....

so i was wondering whether, if your interested, you guys might like to meet up at school at some point that week grab our stuff and then maybe stash it at my place or something then go up to penno for a drink and chat or something...maybe even hornsby...

i don't know. Was just a thought seeing as we all haver to go up there anyway...
25 November 2005 @ 01:13 pm

What is happening?
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02 October 2005 @ 12:43 pm
Hello darlings.
So what's happening with this trip into the city on Thursday?

daerauko mentioned it, but seems to have forgotten about it. :P
Either that or it's off cos no one wanted to come. :S

so what's happening then?
meet at penno station at 9am or something, go into the cityyyy, and run around all day eating icecream?
sounds like a plan to me.

comment if you're coming.
cos at this stage it looks like it's just daerauko and me.
which means he's going to throw his icecream at me, dammit.

oh, and Nik, POST IN OFDOOM! hoorah.
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02 September 2005 @ 06:08 pm

how folks.

as i have already told you...my parents are going away and said i could have some people over. i know i have only been to one 'of doom' gathering ..so i hope im not stepping on any toes. im pretty sure we will have the place to ourselves..but if we do it will either be my grandma, or aunt or uncle or my sister, but i am going to ask her to go out. politely, dont worry. anyway so yeah thought id post this now as im going to ask...do you think i should dye my hair pink on that night? or a colour just as drastic?

anyway if you people wanna tel me when you are free to have this night..if you want to ofcourse. so i can plan it all.

cheerio, have an awesome weekend (i know i will, im going to the circus)


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01 September 2005 @ 05:41 pm
I think we need a movie night of some sorts. I will bring along X Files and get you all so addicted that it's not funny, while simultaneously feeding my Gillian addiction.

We must do a movie night! We must!

On another note, what are the plans for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory tomorrow night? I have a definate 'yes' to my attendance (providing, daerauko, that you'll still help me out on the money issue), but... I need a lift home. Maybe. Or I can like... possibly bus it, but I don't think I can be bothered to do that. Stupid bus. So can anyone gimme a lift?


Scully is hot smart.
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26 August 2005 @ 10:41 pm
I am about to go on the hugest of huge killing sprees. Who wants to join me?!
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10 July 2005 @ 06:07 pm
Attention sleepover of doom participants.

Tomorrow night. (ie, Monday). That really is the only chance we have? emmy - what time does your flight go? and Hoodie - will you still be with your buddy from singapore?

Jen, Hoodie, Lauren, Lou, Em (depending on what time you have to ditch us) you're all expected to be there. cos i said so.

1 bushland place kenthurst. from about 3pm tomorrow (or whenever you get there) till about 2pm or whatever on Tuesday (cant be much later, cos i have to be at homebush at 4)

um yeah, all the info was on the first post adn there really isnt that much that you need to know. Dont worry about bringing anything except your sleeping bags and any movies (which HAVE to be on VHS) you want to watch.

no dvd player... has been explained already.

so yeah, any problems, give me a ring, tonight preferably.
9899 4649
or 0423 969 388

home number would probably be better, as my phone is in my handbag, which i dont actually know the whereabouts of at this current moment.
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09 July 2005 @ 07:45 pm
Some bad news everyone.
the sunday shindig is off. :(

My cousins are aunt and uncle are apparently staying at my grandma's house (where we WERE going to have our sleepover) cos they are getting new floors in their house. Basically we've been kicked out.

and mum also doesnt really want to take me from Penrith (where i have hockey that morning) home, then to Kenthurst again. *sigh*

HOWEVER, there is a possibility that next week could work. I know that emmy wouldnt be here, which sucks bigtime, but we dont have too many other options. cant be Tuesday night, cos I am at homebush (yes, *sigh* hockey again)

Wednesday could be a possibility, it depends on whether or not we get the house or not.
complicated i know, but we'll work something out.

and hoodie, that means that you can have your friend from singapore over without my sleepover interrupting. :)

I'll figure something out.
and will post any news right here.
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07 July 2005 @ 05:27 pm
Attention Lauren, Jenni, Hoodie and Em.

Sleepover. My Grandma's house. Sunday Night. THIS Sunday night.
1 Bushland Pl Kenthurst. Nearish to Round Corner shops, and just down the road from Hill's Grammar. Turn right off Annangrove Rd. Am not sure how great the sign at the top of the street is, so might put up balloons or something. :P
If you need better dirrections than this, say so.

Long driveway with the demented letter box. Wind up your car window or you will get stabbed in the eye by a rose. evil roses.

get there about 3:30-4pm Sunday. Dont wear good clothes. Lots of mud. expect to get dirty. Pick up about 2pm Monday (or anytime before that I suppose)

Dont bring dvds. TV is so old we cant plug dvd player into it. Bring any movies that you have on video.

Sleeping bag if you have one, if not, dont worry, there's plenty of doonas and stuff. Lots of pillows. Plenty of beds, or we can sleep on matresses in the loungeroom in front of the fire. If you have gumboots, bring them as I would imagine nobody particuarly wants to get their good shoes covered in mud and chicken shit (free range chookies...)which is what will happen if you go outside at all.

No pizza for tea I'm afraid, always takes too long for it to be delivered. Will probably cook lasagne or something and make a salad. Any requests for food, say so now. Usual pancakes, as well as eggs, french toast etc for breakfast. no bacon - bacon at woolies at Dural is icky.

What else... *thinks* umm... well the cat will be there (not my cat, Dottie's little cat Blog - weird name for a cat, i know). Lots of chooks, just be aware that the damn roosters (Frodo, Sam and Marshall) like to crow at about 4am.
and I had nothing to do with naming chickens, just so you know. Heaps of spare beds, three bathrooms (Two showers, two toilets (one doesnt work) and a bathtub).

oh, and bring cds. We can have music LOUD and wont bother the neighbors.

thats all. any objections SPEAK NOW OR MISS OUT FOREVER. bwaha.
any problems, it's probably better to ring me, or message me.
9899 4649
or 0423 969 388

see you all on Sunday.
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06 July 2005 @ 01:52 pm

Because ive never made a post here before..i thought i would just make one. i was made a member to answer questions about the welcome back par-tay for liz. so, though pretty much all who are coming have replied to my email..ill just post it here too.

Friday (8th of July) everyone meeting at my house at 10 30 am. from there catch train to central then another train to circular quay and then walk to Pancakes on the rocks. I'm not sure whether i should bother making an reservation...because there is a definate of FIVE people coming...so yeah....does anyone have ruths number/email? i need to invite her but have no way of contacting her.


well have a hap-happening holiday and will see some of you on friday!

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