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03 July 2005 @ 12:00 pm
attention laracroft , mad_delinquent , thehoodinside and happyfish389.

As we have not had our usual girly sleepover yet these holidays, I think it is time we did. My Grandma (otherwise known as Dottie) has gone on holidays and ainsley and me are minding the house.
she is happy for me to have friends over to stay there. we'll basically have the house to ourselves, with the exception of mum (cos there has to be an adult there) ainsley and mel (who, hopefuly, will stay out of our way).

Dottie lives at Kenthurst (basically Dural for those who have no clue...) There are plenty of spare beds if anyone doesnt feel like sleeping on the loungeroom floor and we can make cupcakes and pancakes and stuff.
One thing though, unless someone plans on bringing their DVD player, we will be forced to watch videos,because Dottie, being my extremely lovable old fashioned grandmother, does not have a DVD player.

I havnt picked a date yet, but obviously some time when Emmy is down and when Hoodie is back. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday this weekend are not good for me though. Half State thingy is on that weekend, and I have to be at Pentith at 8am both days. ick.

so yeah, let me know what you all think of this...
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24 April 2005 @ 08:48 am
Last night mama, dada and I were discussing all the lovely places in the world that we could go.It came up theat Jesse had told us he was going to Paris next year, at which point I decided the only waty to get him to take me with him was to stand on his neck and "say take me goddammit, take me" to this mama looked at me with a sort of disgusted, expession and dad started laughing. "Oh Shit" methinks! I quickly changed that to "Take me TO PARIS, goddammit,take me" At this point I was bright red, but it was ok, mum and dad had already moved on in conversation not quite as nice as you would expect though. The topic was (drumroll please).............................................Latex. My parents frighten me sometimes. Oh well we were watching the best of Bowie at the time so it was ok.
look guys, i'm incredibly fucking sorry about all of this. I set out to try and get people to acknowledge the fact that i'm sick of the constant insults which seem to be hurled in my direction and, with stress and lack of sleep, managed to take it way too far and completely blow everything out of proportion.

Many things have come forward thanks to this...confrontation and many have been duely noted. I am one to quickly acknowledge my flaws and try to correct them but if you continuously point them out i'm going to get snappy. Also i'm a very emotional guy, you must have realised that, and generally like to try and figure out my problems before going for help. Character building you know :P. I'm one to analyse every possible solution and try to work it out and very stubborn when it comes to doing stuff on my own. If i am moody and seem withdrawn or "mopey" it's usually because of this i guess. Sometimes it's just because of something else but eh.

I'd like to think that i'm a rather calm person. While i snap quickly it's only because i get so much crap thrown in my direction and sometimes that little bit extra breaks my calm, although i'm also very quick to apologise. Lauren A, mum has commented on a few occaisions that you are the ONLY one who can manage to get beneath my skin. You have power....try not to use it to often please. You were my first girlfriend and i loved you to pieces...if i didn't i would have, like you said, said no. But i couldn't. Until i find someone else i'll be very irritable when i here of your various....adventures and i know i have mentioned it many times but please if i seem to be feeling bad don't start sprouting off about your new relationships because it's only going to make me feel worse.

To Lauren M and Jenni, i'm sorry if i make you feel uncomfortable or annoy you on occaisions. You have always been there when i've felt down and i shouldn't have treated you guys like i have recently. Jenni, you always have a clear logical solution to things and Lauren you innevitably make me smile with your antics so i have no reason to be angree at you guys. Sorry.

I think that is about it....at least those are the people that i know are angry with me for their various reasons and i wanted to apologise. If i've hurt anyone else out there...i'm incredibly sorry. Just tell me your problem and i'll try to straighten it out.

Which brings me to another point. If i am bugging you in ANY way just take me aside for amoment and mention it to me. If you do that i will know that you arn't just mucking around and trying to tick me off. Don't let me keep doing something if it annoys you otherwise we will come to situations like this again.

When we get back to school i'm planning on hanging out with the others for a while so you don't have to deal with my sometimes overbearing pressance. But if your ever incredibly bored and there's no one over there to talk to feel free to come over and have a chat. I think this is an easy solution because evidently you don't always want me around so *shrug* like i said if you want to.

Well that's about it....I'll see all of you at school i guess.
24 January 2005 @ 06:32 pm
I am convinced some people are put on this Earth purely to infuriatate me!!! They are lazy, selfish, rude, two-faced, irritating, insecure beyond all help (this is by no fault of their own), bitchy(or bastard-like), moody and the worst part is; you can't tell them what they are because:

a)they won't take you serouisly because other suffering individuals will not put them in their place/back you up
b)they will hate you forever, when truly you are trying to help them coz lets face it a person like that will not have friends for long

I hate people!

I am also convinced that people appearing in ad's are complete WANKERS and should be eliminated from the gene pool along with those infuriating individuals. I am sick of taking shit from people and not telling them what for and instead feeding their ever-inflating egos.


That line symbolises the end of my rant.

So I have had a boring infuriating day which was.......boring. Hannah (from down the road, you guys didn't meet her) phoned me to ask me if we had a rooster, and I am proud to say that despite the fact she is in julia's year she prefers to talk to me because she finds Julia boring or something. I don't actually like her much but that was a litte food for my ego right there.

Coupling is on tonight, YAY! and there is something in the microwave that smells really good. Hmmm, I wonder if Johnny Depp is in the shower at this present moment!?! Or maybe Brad Pitt, or better yet Antonio Banderas. SQUEEEE!

I am really pissed off at Julia, she has been reading Harry Potter fanfic smut all day and it is driving me up the wall and mum and dad even more so. I don't care that she reads smut but i do like to able to use the computer whenever I feel like it.

Ok Bored Now!
06 January 2005 @ 08:48 am
okee dokee, so we are meeting in the car park Im guessing, which is a bit weird, Its going to be easier to meet each other up the top, but doesn't matter.

I'd like to get everyones mobile numbers, in case someone hasn't read any of this or is running late or something (if you don't have a mobile give us one of your parents, so we can still contact you if your at the station and you've gone to hungry jacks or something)

Mine's 0415 551 581
05 January 2005 @ 03:23 pm
ok I was under the impression that we were meeting at hungry jacks at 7, have now read that nik said it'd be easier in the car park. I understand a lot of people will be getting on the trains to go to work and all that. But is it really going to be that bad considering how many people will be walking around the station with big bags, and most of us do have phones, and our parents have mobiles, so even if someone is late or we can't see them, we can call them. Also meeting at the station means we're not carrying our bags everywhere. anyway just my two cents.

can someone please tell me where we are meeting?
03 January 2005 @ 11:26 am
I am a little bit lost as to what's happening on Friday morning.
Train goes at 7:48 (we shall just say 7:50... tis easier) and if we are checking baggage in, which i am assuming we all will do, we need to be there AT LEAST half an hour before hand.

So, we may as well be at the station, to check baggage in, at 7:15.... i know its a little bit early, but just so we have time up our sleves.
Did you guys want to have breakfast at Hungry Jacks before we go?

and where are we gonna meet and at what time, if we plan on having breakfast before we go and check our luggage in and get on the choo choo train.

ugh.. someone please tell me what we're sposed to be doing.
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31 December 2004 @ 09:43 am
To all people going to M'bah next friday:

we talked before about all putting some money in so that Emmy's parents dont have to spend heaps of money feeding us all week - particularly since several of us can inhale the contents of a fridge in one gulp.
I think $50 each should be okay.

any complaints, see Lamoo (not that she'll be able to do anything, but at least you'll have someome to whinge to. :P )
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29 December 2004 @ 08:03 pm
Hey everyone,

To anyone who's interested your all welcome at my place next wednesday for food movies and just bum around in general. Mum was thinking of Extended LOTR marathon but i'm sure you've all seen them tonnes of times so i don't know, am good with any suggestions.

Um for LOTR you'd probably have to be here around 10 so that gives time for the movies lunch dinner breaks etc. Feel free to come around any time after then i suppose.